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Gutter Clearing

In addition to our Window cleaning services Washforce offer a Gutter Clearance service.

Do you have gutters that overflow when it rains? Have you noticed plants and other debris growing in your gutters? Washforce can help with this problem and in the long run save you time and money.

We use a 'CCTV Gutter Vacuum' system to clear the soil, plants and debris leaving your gutters clear and free flowing.

The Gutter Vac system means we do not need to use ladders or other expensive equipment to access your gutters, its all done from the ground ensuring the price you pay remains as low as possible. The camera attached to the poles enables us to film and take pictures of your gutters to prove all the debris has been removed. At your request we can provide you with a certificate to prove your gutters have been maintained which can be used if selling your property.

Why it's important to keep your gutters clear and free flowing?....

Blocked gutters can cause a major headache for homeowners. Blocked gutters can cause water to backup into the house eventually resulting in wall and/or ceiling damage in need of repair! All of which could have been prevented by regular effective clearing.

So how does the Gutter Vacuum Cleaning work?

We use a wet and dry vacuum that has been specifically designed for clearing gutters, the vacuum has twin 1200 motors that are very powerful!

High modulus Carbon Fibre poles are used with the vacuum which can reach any domestic properties gutters. These poles are light but extremely rigid. Wash force choose to use carbon poles as they provide a better suction than others available on the market.

Wash force technicians will sometimes opt to use the customers electrical point when undertaking gutter clearance or they may have a generator on board, this will be established by your local technician.

Your local technician will assemble the vacuum and poles, they will then attach the camera system to allow them to see the debris in the gutter and to know when it is clear. Whilst using the camera it has a facility to record or take pictures.

All of the debris removed with the gutter vac system will be either disposed on site in an agreed location or will be taken back to HQ to dispose. Wash force hold a waste removal licence and this will be arranged by your local technician.

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