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How often do you come to clean my windows?

For residential window cleaning, we usually clean every 4 or 8 weeks, this depends on the customers requirements.

For commercial window cleaning, we can work around the clients requirements, whether it be daily, weekly, monthly or other.

Do you give an exact day and time when you will be cleaning my windows?

Unfortunately it is extremely difficult to give exact days and times, our bespoke software automatically works out your next clean date once a clean has taken place. We do offer a text or ring the day before service so you are aware we are coming.

What happens if I am not in when you come round?

With our text or ring the day before service, this will not be a problem. It allows you to leave any gates open to gain access.

Do you collect money in person?

We do collect cash at the door on the day of the clean, obviously if your in at the time.

How do I make a payment to Washforce if I'm not in?

We will leave you a slip after the clean which will explain how to pay us, whether it be via standing order, online banking, our secure website payments page or by sending a cheque.

Do you offer a guarantee?

All of the work undertaken by Washforce is 100% guaranteed, should you have any queries or complaints we will endeavour to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Do you work in the rain?

Work carried out in the rain is also 100% guaranteed, customers are commonly under the illusion that windows can not be cleaned in the rain. Living in the UK means we regularly get rain and if we didn't work everyday it rained we would not get much work done.

So how does pure water window cleaning work?

We use pure water, the water is put through a variety of stages during its purification. We use water softeners, carbon filters, sediment filters, reverse osmosis and ionising resin. The purification system basically removes all minerals, salts and metals that are in the water and makes them 100% pure, this pure water will dry smear and spot free. Pure water is very similar to rain water and therefore cleaning in the rain makes no difference.

Why do you leave my windows wet?

When cleaning with pure water, the windows are left wet. The brushes we use are designed to agitate the dirt on the windows and the pure water will then rinse off any remaining particles. Once all dirt has been rinsed off the water will naturally evaporate and leave your windows smear free and gleaming.

Can you clean the windows above my conservatory?

95% of the time we can reach any windows that need cleaning, if there are any windows we are unsure about, we will discuss this in the quotation stage.

Are your quotes free?

All quotations are free and have no obligations. Once a price has been established, we will advise you and then a clean date can be agreed once both parties are happy.

Are you fully insured?

All Washforce technicians are fully insured for public and employee liability insurance, these can be provided when requested.

How do I find my local Washforce technician?

Type your postcode or location into the search box in the top right hand corner of this page to find your local Washforce technician.


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