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Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

Washforce can supply solar panel cleaning services on a nationwide basis.

Using our specialised poles and brushes, we can safely clean your solar panels without damaging the surface and ensure maximum energy output.

Research shows that solar panels need cleaning on a regular basis due to dirt in the atmosphere. This atmospheric dirt clings to your solar panels adding a film of grime which dramatically reduces your panel's performance.

A common problem that reduces the effectiveness of solar panel energy is bird droppings, the bird droppings will have a dramatic effect on your solar panels, mainly due to the size and consistency of the bird droppings. Baked on bird droppings are also tough to remove and the natural rain water that hits your solar panels will not remove these droppings.

Why does the grime and/or droppings affect my solar panels?

The grime and/or droppings reduce your panel's performance by preventing your solar panels from receiving the maximum amount of sunlight that the panel can take in. Making your solar panels less efficient reducing their performance and the amount of profit or savings they return to you over the year.

Research shows that dirty solar panels can lose approximately 25% of their annual efficiency which in the long run will outweigh the cleaning costs.

We also hold full public liability insurance that specifically covers solar panel cleaning

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