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Protecting our customers

We are taking every precaution – following government guidelines – to reduce risks to YOU and others. Disinfection cleaning service available.
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Commercial Gutter Cleaning

We use a 'CCTV Gutter Vacuum' system which is the safest method whilst clearing your gutters. Using this system enables us to clear the gutters from the ground. The CCTV camera that is attached to the pole can record and take pictures of the work as its being carried out. This can provide the customer with evidence that the gutters are clear and free flowing.

We use this method on all types of commercial properties and can reach any height required. A recent example of using the 'Gutter Vac System' would be at an RAF Base in Lincolnshire that took 23 days to complete.

The Gutter Vac System provides a professional service at a realistic and competitive price, no extra costs needed for access equipment. For larger sites we will organise a facility for the waste to be disposed.

All Washforce operatives have been trained to use the 'Gutter Vac System'.

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